screenshot-1This free plugin allows you to display the eBay Daily Deals right in your sidebar and make money with the eBay partner network! Everyone loves a good deal. Now your visitors will see the ever popular eBay Daily Deals and click on one. When they do you make commission through the eBay Partner Network. If your not already a member of the eBay Partner Network then you should visit here first and join.


  • Lots of configuration options (change text size, font, number of deals, deal category, etc…)
  • It’s Free!
  • Fits nicely in your Sidebar
  • Did I mention it was free? Because it is.


WP eBay Daily Deals is installed like any other WordPress plugin.

  1.  Download the latest package from the downloads page (
  2. Upload the whole directory into your wordpress plugins directory (usually, yoursite/wp-content/plugins). The plugin must reside in a sub-folder called “wp-ebay-daily-deals” (lower-case!) as supplied in the zip file, else it WON’T WORK
  3. Go into the WordPress admin panel, find Plugins and WP eBay Daily Deals should be listed. Click Activate to activate!

Options Screen

If you have any problems or feedback we would love to here from you in the comments below.Now you can just drag it to your sidebar under the widgets area. Then you’ll get to set all the options.