etextalert-home-e1311705538442eTextAlert is an eBay seller application we created that allows potential buyers visiting your auction to sign up for a free last minute reminder sent via text message and/or email. As a seller you also have the ability to get text alerts based on certain buyer actions such as new bid received, new question, item sold, and more. Also, as an added bonus you can set up text or email alerts for anything on your watch list. This is very handy if you buy a lot of stuff off of eBay. You can send yourself a reminder of when something is ending that you might want to bid on. More information about these three features…

Feature 1, Auction Visitor (potential buyers) Free Last Minute Text or Email Alerts

Simply put eTextAlert will allow you to place a form on your auction item page that will allow visitors to sign-up for a last minute reminder. They get to choose when it gets sent and whether they want a sms text or email or both. For instance they can choose to receive an email 30 minutes before your auction ends and a sms text message 15 minutes before it ends.

Let’s face it, the average ebay shopper does not bid on an item right when they find it. They add it to their watch list along with several other similar items and wait till they get close to ending. The problem is a lot of potential buyers will simply forget to log back into ebay and miss your auction.

Feature 2, Send Yourself Seller Alerts

This feature gives you the ability to send yourself text, instant message (IM) and/or email alerts based on certain buyer actions. We also give you the ability to filter the alerts to specific items, only send them certain times of the day, and by rating if it’s a feedback alert.

The application currently supports the following seller alert types:

  • new question asked
  • new bid placed
  • auction won
  • fixed priced item bought
  • payment received
  • feedback left for you

Feature 3, Watch List Alerts

This gives you the ability to set yourself reminders sent via text, instant message (IM) and/or email for all auctions on your Watch List. Say goodbye to sticky notes. You can choose alerts for just certain items or automatic alerts for all item on your watch lists. Set it and forget it.

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